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Awaraxid 7mg (2014)

JW Player
  • 1: Tug Of War
  • 2: Acid Life
  • 3: Black Veil
  • 4: Another Day
  • 5: Wicked Love
  • 6: In Denial
  • 7: Alive ?
  • 8: Pieces Of Me
  • 9: Your Turn
  • 10: Black And White


Anna: Vocals
Stephane Geiser: Guitars, Keyboard, Programming
Yann Siegenthaler: Drums
Matt Walters: Guitars
Emmi Lichtenbahn: Bass

Music: Stephane Geiser
Lyrics: Anna

Recorded by Stephane Geiser at Dark-S Studio exept bass and drums recorded by Carryl Montini at Artsonik studio and voices by David Grillon at Dark-S studio
Mixed by Stefan Glaumann at Glaumann production Studio Stockholm
Produced by Stephane Geiser
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers Audio Mastering Studio Helsinki
Artwork by R27 For Rue des tempêtes